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  • Integrated Wellness Portal
    • Seamlessly Consolidates Health and Wellness Information
    • Increases Participant Engagement
    • Provides Administrators With Powerful Population Health Management Tools
  • Interactive Reporting Dashboard
    • Aggregates Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening Results
    • Integrates Secure HIPAA-Compliant Messaging
    • Allows Administrators to Generate Custom Reports
  • Wellness Tools and Third Party Applications Integration
    • Personal Health Record Stores Important Medical Information
    • Customizable Trackers Encourage Healthy Behaviors
    • Seamlessly Integrate Claims, Incentives, and Other Data Sources
  • Health Risk Assessment
    • Dynamically Assesses Risks for Disease
    • Identifies Modifiable and Non-Modifiable Risk Factors
    • Features Individualized Plans for Wellness
  • MediKeeper is the Smartest Way to Invest in Wellness
    • Enables Analysis of Key Health Measures, Lifestyle Choices, and More
    • Provides Comprehensive Reporting, Resulting in Smarter Wellness Decisions
    • Health Risk Assessment and Biometrics Testing Analysis Identifies Best ROI Opportunities

What We Do

MediKeeper’s innovative tools are combined with third party applications to create a seamless on-line portal and sophisticated health population analytics designed to help our clients make smarter and well-informed wellness investments.

Who We Do It For

Health Plans, Brokers, Wellness Companies and Employers look to us to deliver an innovative, customized and engaging health portal solution.

How We Do It

We securely integrate complex and disparate health care data to significantly improve the ability to analyze, report on, and manage population health.